Winter Menu

🌟 Winter charms at the Alpejska Restaurant🌟

A seasonal feast for the palate!

We invite you to discover the unique winter menu. Our kitchen has prepared a real feast for you that perfectly reflects the winter aura and will provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience.

🍽️Our Winter Menu🍽️

🍲Lettuce with smoked duck breast with shallot vinaigrette and a selection of fried and marinated mushrooms

🐗 Wild pate baked in shortcrust pastry with pickles and horseradish rowan berries

🍵 Velvety cauliflower cream with truffle oil and edible cornflowers

🦌 Daniel and wild boar ragoût with papardelle pasta, parmesan and grilled toast

Our chef Szymon Stach prepares dishes with the utmost care, using the best seasonal ingredients!

🍷 We offer wine for each dish, tailored specifically to the Alpine atmosphere.

Reserve a table today. We are waiting for you.