Autumn seasonal menu

Autumn menu

🍂 Autumn vibes at the Alpejska Restaurant 🍂

A seasonal feast for the palette! Is there anything more beautiful than golden leaves falling from the trees and the smell of cinnamon, mulled wine and mushrooms? At the Alpine Restaurant we know how to celebrate this special time of the year. Come and enjoy our unique seasonal menu, full of autumn flavours and aromas.

🍽️ Our Autumn Menu 🍽️

🍁 Appetizer

Smoked duck breast with rowan jam and trout caviar

Rice fried in garlic butter with fresh egg yolk and parmesan

🍂 Soup

Mushroom broth with lovage, chicken breast and Trofie noodles

🍁Main course

Venison ragoût with homemade Pappardelle pasta

These are just some of the dishes waiting for you at the Alpejska Restaurant. The food is meticulously prepared by our chef who uses the best seasonal ingredients.

Reserve a table today. We are waiting for you.